Mopar at Chicago: The Dodge Charger Redline

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Because the R/T Charger just wasn’t fast enough, Dodge has turned up the heat with the 426 Redline.
426 is the displacement of the “elephant” hemi v8 they’ve dropped into the engine bay. They say the car with this motor will crank out a colossal 590
horsepower: that’s 125hp more horses than the lunk in SRT-8 model.


The engine upgrade is what Dodge is calling Stage III. Stage I and Stage II both consist of bolt-on mods, exterior work. Unlike Stage I and II though, the 426 isn’t street legal. That might be a little disappointing, but I still can’t wait to see that thing in the thumping away in the bay of a new charger at the track. Actually, seeing that in the bay of an old Charger would be excellent.

What do you think? Let us know if the Charger gets you going in the forums.


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