Mopar Muscle Thursday: Street Legal Viper runs Pro Stock speeds

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6 second viper still 600

When I began searching for the feature video for this week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday, I searched for “fastest Viper quarter mile” and not surprisingly, a ton of videos showed the Dodge and SRT Viper rocketing down the quarter mile. But the one below caught my eye because of a few simple details. First, this Viper rips down the drag strip in the six second range with a trap speed of over 207 miles per hour.  Second, this Viper runs with street legal drag radials – which means that this car could drive as it sits and turn out high 6 second quarter miles. Finally, in looking around the internet a bit (there are quite a few videos of this Viper in action), the man who built the car explains that it weighs almost 3,700 pounds.  Think about how much power it takes to move a 3,700lb car down the track that fast and he is launching with street tires!

Mind Blown.

In case you are having a hard time wrapping your head around just how fast 6.98 at 207.78 miles per hour is – here is an interesting fact.  This past weekend the NHRA Pro Stock cars were racing in Englishtown New Jersey and while this Viper’s time would not have been fast enough to qualify for the Pro Stock field as (the 16th and final qualifier ran a 6.807 in qualifying), his trap speed of 207.78 miles per hour was better than 3 of the cars in the Pro Stock field.  Keep in mind, we are talking about a fully street legal car racing on street legal tires nearly running heads up with some of the fastest professional racers in the world.

This Viper is a stunning example of why this Mopar supercar is among the most respected performance cars in the world.  Crank up your speakers to hear the sweet sound of the twin turbocharged V10 propelling this nasty black snake down the quarter mile.

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