Mopar Ram Runner beats Ford SVT Raptor at Dual in the Desert

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mopar ram runner flying.jpgThe folks at recently took the Mopar Ram
Runner and the Ford SVT Raptor F150 to the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular
Recreation Area in southeastern California and when the dust cleared – the Ram
Runner was found to be the winner. headed to southeastern California with the
Ram Runner, the Raptor, and SCORE International Off-Road Racing Series Trophy
Truck driver Chad Ragland.  Ocotillo
Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area has a 4.73 mile off-road course which
Ragland used to test the capacities of the two trucks.  In the end, Ragland was able to lap the
course 33 seconds faster in the Ram Runner than he could in the mighty Raptor
even though the SVT F150 packs more power than the standard production 5.7L
Hemi found in the Ram Runner.

“I was impressed with Ram Runner’s extreme off-road
capability,” said Ragland. “We jumped, slammed into mounds, cut through deep
sand and it came out like a pro, rarely getting into the bumpstops or touching
the skid plates,” said Ragland. “Those front-end shocks are amazing. During our
first set of runs, I could feel myself tighten a bit as we headed toward the
big rocks and ruts, but then the front end just sucked it all up. Those big
springs and shocks had no problems.”

In addition to picking the Ram Runner over the SVT Raptor
because of the quicker time through the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular
Recreation Area course, the editors at like the fact that the
Ram Runner is a aftermarket package that can be purchased at once or pieced
together.  The Mopar Ram Runner package
also allows Ram owners who want to build their truck for optimal off-road
performance to pick select items from the kit while using their own items based
on their preferences.

“Our Mopar Ram Runner is the ultimate desert racer based on
a production vehicle,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar,
Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “Mopar Ram Runner
offers superior suspension travel to handle rough terrain and greater approach
and departure angles for better clearance.”

The odds are good that most of the folks here at think that the Ram Runner is better than the Raptor and now the
folks at have made it official!

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