Muddy Monday: 1g Durango Starts Strong, Finishes Hard

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This week’s Muddy Monday features a 1st gen Dodge Durango attacking a serious mud trench that has a variety of pits along the way. This Durango looks relatively stock – or at least it isn’t a heavily modified, purpose-built mud truck – yet it still puts on an impressive show as it storms through the mud and water. It might not be the best mud run video ever, but this Durango does very well without any massive modifications…showing just how great the 1st gen Durango was in the worst conditions.

This Dodge Durango gets off to an awesome start, hitting the first pit hard and quickly digging his way out before rushing down the short hill and into the second deep puddle of slop. The Durango then storms through the middle section with a touch less mud just as easily, but when he gets to a bigger pool and hits it hard enough to tear off part of the bumper cover – the end of the run is very near.
It doesn’t appear as though this Durango makes it all of the way to the end, but he still put on a great enough show to get the crowd good and fired up.

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