Muddy Mondays: 1st gen Ram gets stuck but sounds great getting there

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1st gen ram mud bog 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature video shows a heavily modified 1st generation Dodge Ram pickup taking on the Calhoun Creek Off-Road pit in Abbeville, South Carolina.  While this high riding, high revving Ram ends up needing some help to get out of the thick, sloppy mud – this mighty Ram sounds great and slings some serious mud before recording a distance of 126 feet.  Judging by the reaction of the crowd, that is a pretty good run.

There isnt any useful information provided with this video of a 1st gen Dodge Ram pickup tearing through the mud but it is very clearly modified to be able to handle incredible amounts of mud.  The truck is jacked up and fitted with serious mud tires while what sounds to me like a big block V8 fed by a snorkel sticking through the hood roars as the driver tries to squeak out every last inch.  In doing so, this Ram literally coats itself in thick, rich southern mud before coming to a rest on the uphill portion of the mud bog pit.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy the video of this 1st gen Ram truck as it digs its way through the Calhoun Creek mud bog pit.


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