Muddy Mondays: 2g Dodge Dakota Eventually Climbs Out of a Deep Mud Pit

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dakota deep water hole 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature takes a look at a second generation Dodge Dakota regular cab/short bed pickup in action against a deep, water mud pit.  The video starts off showing this Dakota as he goes through the deep water and pops quickly up the other bank but just before the back wheels leave the slop – he gets stuck.  After a few seconds of tires spinning and mudslinging the driver of this Dakota backed down the bank into the mud for another run at the slippery slope.

On the second run at the hill, the Dakota doesn’t get quite as far as the first run so once again he backs down into the pit and through to the other side to get a longer run at the far bank.  Each time he charges through the slop, this Dakota makes a touch more progress and emits more steam pouring from the hot engine as it hits the cold water but try as he might – he just keeps getting stuck on the bank closest to the camera.  However, on the final run this Dakota backs almost completely out of the water on the bank where he first entered the water and that long head start gave him enough momentum to burst up out of the mud.

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