Muddy Mondays: 2g Ram Races Through the Mud

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white ram mud racing 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature video takes a look at a 2nd gen Ram racing through a purpose race venue filled with thick, deep mud.  There is no information to go with this video but we can guess that this Ram has been modified to handle this type of mud track so handily and while I admittedly don’t know if the time turned in here was good or bad – this Ram is able to make it all of the way through the course.

As the video starts, we see the white Ram (which I believe to be called “Casper”) leaving the starting line and heading hard to its right before bouncing away from the bank and heading back towards the middle of the track.  While things appear to be getting a little sticky as the truck nears the end of the pit, the hefty mud tires to their work and help this Ram continue to dig its way through the mud and out of the pit – all the while the sound of a Mopar Magnum V8 roaring away as this jacked up truck does its thing.

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