Muddy Mondays: 3rd and 4th gen Ram get into some serious slop

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mm 4th gen ab ram 600

This week’s Muddy Mondays clip has been on YouTube for over a year now and it blows my mind that I haven’t come across it previously.  While many of our clips feature a Ram or Dakota romping around in the mud, this video shows both a 3rd generation and 4th generation Ram 1500 (both of which sound like Hemis) out in the mud.  Like some of our other clips, it comes from our neighbors to the north as this pair of Ram trucks in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada get into some serious mud and water in the spring of 2012.

The video starts off with a jacked up looking 4th gen Ram powered by what I would surmise to be a 5.7L Hemi is digging through some awfully deep water.  It should also be noted that the owner of that Ram, who also posted this video, stated that all of this playing in the water put both water and sand in some unsavory places throughout the vehicle’s drivetrain that brought about some expensive repairs.  Based on that, we are going to go ahead and recommend that you don’t try this at home.

After the video moves away from the little lake battle, the 4th gen Ram is in action in a large open area that has lots and lots and lots of mud.  Pretty much as far as the eye can see, this Ram owner has mud in which to continue dirtying up his truck and he does a fine job of doing so.  After the 4th gen Ram is finished (for the time being), a 3rd gen Ram storms into the mud and shallow water for a little slop slinging of his own.  While there are lots of Dodge and Ram mudding videos online – this is one of the best Ive seen in terms of heavy mud both on the ground and on the trucks.  In the end, you know that it’s a good mudding video when smoke is pouring from a truck.  Enjoy!


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