Muddy Mondays: Cummins Ram Pulls Jeep Out of the Mud

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ram pulls jeep 600

We don’t usually feature stuck vehicles in our Muddy Monday segment especially when they are stuck Mopar vehicles but this week’s video shows a 3rd gen Dodge Ram packing the Cummins Turbo Diesel engine dragging a Jeep Wrangler out of a deep mud hole.  We don’t get to see what lead to this Jeep being buried in mud that reaches up over the rear wheels but we can tell that this is some seriously deep slop.  Fortunately, a jacked up 3rd gen CTD Ram is on hand to pull its little cousin out of the mess.

If you look at the trenches around the 3rd gen Cummins Ram as it tugs the little Jeep out of the mud, you can see that there are plenty of dig marks resulting from other trucks pulling people out of this mud hole…so it’s not so bad for the Jeep.  At first, the Ram has a hard time getting enough traction to rip the Jeep onto dry land but as the diesel mill begins rolling coal, it gets enough grip to pull the Wrangler to safety.

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