Muddy Mondays: Diesel Dually Drifts in Dirt

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ram 3500 mm front 600

If this week’s Muddy Mondays feature was a Dodge Challenger doing exactly the same thing in a parking lot as the big Ram 3500 dually diesel in the video below is doing in the mud, we would call it drifting.  While this Cummins powered diesel Ram isn’t drifting by the traditional definition – that is probably the best description of what is going on in this week’s video.

We don’t see quite as much mud as we normally do on Muddy Monday but this 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 is doing a whole lot of offroad drifting with all four rear tires endlessly spinning in the mud and loose gravel.  There is even some slow motion and in-truck video starting just before the 5 minute mark.

Based on how this ’05 Ram3500 is sitting, it very obviously packs a modified suspension while the sound of the truck in action leads me to believe that it also has a modified engine. Of course, there is also that awesome looking Road Armor front bumper that makes this Ram look ready for battle. These modifications come together to comprise a truck that effortlessly slides around this sloppy patch of mud and rocks – making it well worth checking out on a Muddy Monday.

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