Muddy Mondays: Mudding Galore with Two 4th Gen Rams, a 2g Dakota and a Jeep

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mm 4th gen ram mud bog 600

Mopar mudders come in all shapes and sizes so for this week’s Muddy Mondays feature – we have a clip showing a couple 4th generation Rams, a 2nd generation Dakota and even a little Jeep action.  This clip was captured at the 2013 Pleasant Valley Mud Bogs in Nova Scotia and thanks to the newness of this video, it is available in high definition.

The video starts with late 90s Grand Cherokee skirting the mud bog but when a big black Ram with hot pink stripes hits the pits – the mudding gets serious.  This stock looking Ram 1500 blows through the mud and water with almost no effort and makes a hell of a mess in the process.  Next up is a bright red 4th gen Ram 1500 that is actually going backwards…watch the video..its tough to explain.

Finally we get a look at that same 4th gen Ram that looks to be sitting a little higher than stock going through the mud front first followed by a 2nd gen Dakota ripping through the shallower area of the mud pit.  The video is accompanied by some country music that I could certainly do without and since there is no engine sound – this is a Muddy Monday feature that you can enjoy at work with your speakers turned down.  Enjoy!


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