Muddy Mondays: Super Durango hits the mud bog course

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muddy mondays huge durango 600

While most of the muddy trucks that we feature as part of our weekly Muddy Mondays segment show folks with their Dodge or Ram trucks and SUVs out playing in the woods, this week’s piece takes a great look at a very official mud bog event. This super modified first generation Dodge Durango is in action at Dennis Anderson’s Muddy Motorsports Park in North Carolina on an intricate course that features some mud and some potential for high flying fun.

While this video doesn’t show the Durango getting as muddy as some of our featured vehicles, the sheer coolness of this early Durango – combined with the fact that it sounds so great as it roars around the course – makes it well deserving of 15 seconds in the spotlight here on DodgeForum.

Make sure that your speakers are cranked up so that you can hear this Dodge Durango in action… especially as it rockets away from the start. Little is available in the video information but there is no doubt that this is one great example of why the first generation made the Durango so popular.

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