Muddy Mondays: V6 Dakota Shows the Importance of 4WD

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muddy mondays v6 white dakota 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature takes a look at a 2nd gen Dakota as it digs its way through a trench of thick, nearly black mud.  While the majority of our featured offroading vehicles are powered by big, beefy American V8s – this little Dakota is powered by a V6.  Best of all, this Dakota shows us what kind of difference having 4WD can make in a seriously muddy situation.

During the first portion of the video, the V6 powered Dodge Dakota shown digging through the thick mud is doing so with only rear wheel drive.  The truck does surprisingly well for itself while spinning only two wheels and he is even able to back up and get another run but to no avail.  Fortunately, before the video comes to an end, the driver switches into 4WD and we can see what a huge difference than makes as the Dakota effortlessly pulls up out of the dark mud.  Considering how easily this Dakota climbed out of the slop in 4WD, he was probably attempting to cross the pit in 2WD because full traction obviously made it too easy but in doing so; he did a fine job of slinging plenty of mud onto the sides of his bright white Dakota.


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