Odd News: The World’s First Hellcat-in-a-Box?

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If someone could explain to us exactly what we’re looking at here, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Social media and the internet are purveyors of weird, odd, and often exciting revelations. Whether you’re into Ram trucks or Dodge Vipers, you’re bound to find a community that shares your same passion. But then there’s this… this, thing.

Friend of Dodge Forum, “tdhovey_” was kind enough to forward us the video below, which has since gone absolutely viral. The video was originally posted to Instagram by “KOWSRT“. It shows an equally beautiful and disturbing sight involving a Dodge Hellcat motor and drivetrain, and a box.

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It’s unclear the logic behind this build-up. But we must admit that if you’re slightly amused by mechanics or engineering, this will absolutely blow you away. The video starts when the “driver” remote starts the Hemi engine via the red key fob, and then follows normal protocol as if he were in a real car.

The quick walk around of the apparatus shows us just how intricate the setup is, and lets us know that someone spent a lot of time and money putting this rig together. And in some way, it’s pretty admirable. But the question remains: why?

Enjoy it and judge for yourself!

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