Ram Unveils Cutting-Edge Tech at The Work Truck Show

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The Ruthless Competition in the Commercial Vehicle Segment Has Forced Ram to up Their Tech Game

Innovators don’t sleep, and they don’t go on vacations, much less rest on their laurels. Vehicle manufacturers are constantly looking for new products or technology that will give them an edge, and hopefully a bigger piece of the sales pie. As Ram demonstrated at this week’s The Work Truck Show, these competitive edges sometimes come in the form of augmented reality.


The Work Truck Show is the nation’s largest show for — you guessed it — work trucks! Dodge Forum was on-site to report on the latest commercial offerings. However, it’s not just commercial vehicles that are on display at the yearly event in Indianapolis, Indiana. You’ll also find the best outfitting and accessory companies around, too.

If you’re Pepsi, and you’re looking to purchase a new fleet of trucks for product distribution, you’re likely to set foot at The Work Truck Show. If you’re FedEx, and you want to learn about new natural gas or hybrid powertrains for cargo vans, then attending the event is a must. This is where everyone in the truck industry goes to either buy or sell their products.

As such, Ram brought their wide variety of commercial trucks and vans to Indy. And they showed the industry exactly what they’re capable of. Several Ram Promasters were “upfitted” to simulate what different commercial buyers would do. And a plethora of chassis-cab trucks and full-size pickups were present for attendees to check out, as well.

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The Work Truck Show was the perfect venue to unveil the new “Augmented Reality Upfit Configurator.” It’s a tool that’ll be used by commercial vehicle field reps. This cutting-edge tool utilizes a mobile device, such as an iPad. That pairs with strategically positioned magnets on a Ram vehicle. Our Facebook video above shows you exactly how this incredible tool works.


This not only brings to life many commercial “upfits,” but allows representatives to show you, the consumer, which vehicle works best for your needs without the need to physically inspect 10 different trucks. In addition, this connects consumers with Ram Commercial’s “Q Pro” authorized upfitters.

Welcome to the future!

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