Ram Gets Gassy: 2012 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty CNG

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Commercial and fleet owners looking to get away from gasoline are getting their chance with Ram. Ram revealed at their new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) 2500 Ram at the Work Truck show in Indianapolis, much to the delight of fleet owners looking to be less reliant on good ol’ gasoline. 

Don’t worry about being completely reliant on CNG either, as the new Ram has the ability to switch to and from gasoline automatically. It’s worth mentioning that this is the only truck you can buy from the factory with this kind of flexibility. Currently, Chrysler is the only manufacturer offering a CNG powered truck from the factory.
That fancy CNG system hasn’t weakened the Ram’s ability to do work either. It’s got a pay load of a solid half-ton with a towing capacity upwards of 7,600 lbs. However, it does lose some bed space thanks to the CNG tanks, so those interested will have to make due with the four foot and eight inches left over. While it has lost some bed space, it–thankfully–has not lost it’s hemi V8.

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