Dodge Forum Exclusive: Dodge Ram Rebel Is a Riot at 2018 Droptops & Dirt

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Ram Rebel

All-new Ram Rebel looks great on paper, but it looks even better under the bright Malibu sun.

Here at Dodge Forum, we live, eat, and breathe auto shows and events. It’s there that we get to see, touch, and drive all the latest and greatest vehicles as well as scope out some amazing classics. So of course, we’re in attendance at this year’s Droptops & Dirt in the sunny surf haven of Malibu, California on May 15. The Motor Press Guild’s signature spring event is also one of the more unique ones you’ll ever see, and this year, it also features one of our favorite new vehicles—the Ram Rebel.

What sets Droptops & Dirt apart from the hundreds of other shows out there is its premise. Instead of allowing a wide variety of vehicles to attend, this event is all about off-roaders and convertibles. And nothing else. Even better, we get to experience them in their natural environments. That means plenty of challenging off-road trails and curvy, scenic roads. It all adds up to a can’t-miss event from the world’s largest conglomerate of automotive journalists, businesses, and affiliates.

Ram Rebel

It also makes DND the perfect setting to check out Dodge’s awesome new off-roader, the Ram Rebel. Like its more paved road-focused brother, the new Rebel brings a lot of improvements for 2019. The familiar interlocking Ram grille is back, as is the aggressive power dome hood and fender flares. And the Rebel is also the only Ram 1500 to ride on knobby 33-inch, all-terrain tires.

Ram Rebel

It’s a heck of an attractive package, and our silver example looks fantastic in the California sun. But make no mistake—there’s a lot going on underneath, too. Bilstein monotube dampers with external reservoirs at the rear axle up the off path fun. Throw in all the other goodies from Ram’s new off-road package, and you’ve got one heck of a value. And did we mention it simply looks badass?

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