SEMA Begins Tomorrow!!

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The beginning of the SEMA Show 2008 is less than 24 hours
away, and we are getting word of some of the last few show cars that will show
up there.  The Challenger isn’t the
official car of the 2008 show, but there will be a tremendous amount of
Challengers displayed by both Dodge and aftermarket companies.  A few more were announced this weekend, with
Classic Design Concepts of Novi, Michigan showing off their Group 2 Widebody
Challenger, available in both SRT-8 and R/T trimlines.  The other is the Group Five Limited
Challenger Speedster, which is yet another convertible option that many hoped
for, but Dodge failed to offer.

The CDC Group 2 Widebody Challenger is designed to be a road
racer, with widened fenders and quarter panels to accommodate the extra wide
rubber tucked under all four corners. 
CDC will display both of the variants, and the Black SRT-8 model will
feature a supercharger kit, custom suspension, wheels, brakes, and a CDC Shaker
hood setup.


The Group Five Limited Challenger Speedster is a drop top
for those who aren’t concerned with rainy days. 
The Challenger Speedster is a modern day “chop top” car, with the
roofline completely removed, and the windshield chopped to give the car a
lower, more sinister look.


There will be more information on these, and many other
modified Challengers, along with other awesome Mopars from the 2008 SEMA
Show.  Stay tuned for more
information upon the debut in Las
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for SEMA 2008 event coverage!!

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