SEMA Special: Dodge Challenger

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We don’t have too much info on this modded Challenger (the press conference takes place in three hours) but we did notice something strange about it: it has two twin-outlet exhausts out back along with side pipes! The Mopar guys wouldn’t divulge any information beyond the fact that it’s powered by the 5.7L and the side-pipes can be opened and closed from inside the car via a solenoid. They wouldn’t say if this bypasses any emissions equipment but we’d safely bet that the side-pipes at least bypass the mufflers and probably decrease back pressure significantly. More importantly side pipes are freakin’ cool!

Equally frustrating is that Mopar wouldn’t comment on whether or not this is a pure concept or if the system will make it to production for Chrysler vehicles (whether OEM or as an aftermarket option). Guess we’ll have to wait for that press conference…

For now enjoy this sweet, sweet Challenger…

UPDATE: more info now available, here.

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