SuperRadTop5: The Top 5 SRT Models of All Time!

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2012 SRT Lineup 

2012-SRT-Lineup.jpgby Patrick Rall

I recently had a chance to speak with Ralph Gilles, the CEO and President of the new high performance SRT brand. In discussing the past of the Street and Racing Technology lineup, Gilles stated that there were some vehicles that they would not do again, if given the chance.  This included the automatic transmission equipped Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab. However, Gilles was quick to point out that overall, the SRT lineup has maintained a certain level of excellence. While the latest SRT vehicles are as powerful they’ve ever been, the SRT vehicles of past years helped pave the way for the modern high performance lineup.

With the recent news that the SRT group would be a stand alone brand,
much like the Ram brand, we started getting excited about the future.
Then word came that the next generation Viper will be branded as the
first SRT model, and we got really excited! It got us thinking not just
about the future, but about all the great SRT models of the past.

we thought that it was time to take a look at the 5 best models in the
history of the SRT lineup.  Every vehicle, even the sluggish Ram SRT10
Quad Cab, has stood atop its respective class, but there are select SRT
models that have become legends on the road and track.

SRT Legend #5: The Super Sedan>>>>>

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