Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Get More Power from Your 2nd Gen Neon

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The 2nd generation Dodge Neon was a big seller and while those with better insurance rates and deeper pockets could opt for the high performance Neon SRT4 – a great many buyers went with the less expensive non-SRT models.  As so many of these sporty sedans have ended up in the used car market, more and more people are buying them for cheap and looking to get more power out of the basic single overhead cam engine.  Fortunately, there is a thread in our 2g Neon section that runs through just about every option to get power gains – be it big or small – out of the last of the non-turbocharged Neons.

Not only does this thread offer an incredible rundown of how to get big power out of a non-SRT4 2nd generation Dodge Neon but it presents a great amount of information that can apply to many owners looking to get varying amounts of power out of their vehicles.  That being said, while this thread is most beneficial to those with a 2000-2005 Neon, those who are looking to build other vehicles that were naturally non-performance cars from the factory can stand to learn a lot from this thread.

Click here to check out the 2nd gen Neon performance thread for yourself!


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