Tech Thread Spotlight: Installing a Modern Navigation Radio in Your 3g Ram

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3rd gen ram nav dash 600

I drive a great many new trucks for my day job and the biggest difference between these newer trucks and my 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 is generally the fancy infotainment system. My Ram has a pretty run of the mill radio with a plain readout in green digits while pretty much every new truck sold in America comes with a touch screen radio that also has built in navigation. Im sure that I am not the only 3rd gen Ram owner who wishes that he or she had a more modern Ram radio setup and fortunately, DF member BobK has put together an awesome DIY of how to install a newer REC navigation radio head unit in your late 3rd generation Ram 1500.

As DIYs go, this one is pretty incredible, with play by play instructions with pictures showing each step – starting with removing the dash face around your stock radio to installing the GPS antenna to actually putting the large radio unit in the dash. There really arent any questions left unanswered so if you are looking to put a more elaborate navigation radio in your 3rd generation Ram, this thread should prove to be a huge help in doing your own install.

Click here to head into the 3rd gen Ram section for a closer look!

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