Tech Thread Spotlight: Read (and Understand) Your Own 3g Ram Diagnostic Trouble Codes

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2006 ram qc 600

Have you ever had to go to a dealership to have a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) pulled so that you could fix something on your Ram?  Going to the dealership or even some shops will cost you upwards of $50 if you cannot find a parts store to do it for free.  Luckily, there is a way to check your DTCs right in your driveway with nothing more than your ignition key and a simple set of DIY instructions.

3rd generation Ram truck guru (and moderator) Weedahoe has put together a quick DIY of how to access your Diagnostic Trouble Codes in your Ram’s odometer by means of the “key trick”.  He also included a list of what each of the numeric codes mean so once you pull your own codes using the ignition key, you will be able to address the problem (or try to) on your own without having to pay a shop to pull the codes, diagnose the problem or perform the work needed to fix the problem.  In short, if you have a 3rd generation Ram truck, today’s Tech Thread Spotlight could save you a nice chunk of change should something go wrong with your pickup.

Click here for a list of Diagnostic Trouble Codes and a DIY of how to acquire them without a scan tool.

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