Tire Shredding Tuesdays: 68 Charger Project Car Does a Monster Driveway Burnout

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68 charger burnout tst 600

There isn’t much detail available on the awesome 1968 Dodge Charger featured in this video but based on the short commentary at the beginning of the video, I am guessing that this Mopar muscle car is in the early stages of a project car redux.  The narrator  talks about how they did some work that got it running much better and to celebrate – his dad is going to do a big burnout.

Now, some people might point out that this particular 1968 Dodge Charger is a touch on the rough side but I think that there is a certain appeal to a muscle car being “farm fresh”.  Also, in looking around on the owner’s Facebook page, it does appear that the owner is a younger guy who has himself one awesome project car.  On top of that all, there is no denying that this is one nasty burnout (in his driveway) from a 383 powered 68 Charger and that is what Tire Shredding Tuesday is all about.  Enjoy!

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