Alleged Transmission Failure Sends New Demon Back to Hell

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Instagrammer’s legendary Mopar may have met its fiery fate due a fluid leak.

The video above comes to us from the Instagram account of gtfivehunnit and it shows the graphics scene of a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon burning on the side of the road. This isn’t from a video game or a movie; this really happened to the owner of one of the 3,300 840-horsepower Mopar muscle cars. As the images below from that same Instagram account show, the car is a total loss.


Unfortunately, the details on the burning 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon are short. In the comments of the Instagram post, the OP states that the problem started with the transmission “grenading” while driving down the highway. When the transmission failed, it sprayed transmission fluid onto the exhaust, where it caught fire. We can clearly see a pool of flaming fluid on the ground in the video, so it is obvious that something broke and that something was filled with flammable fluid, but the OP does state that the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Dodge Demon Burning and Burned

In any case, the driver got to the side of the road and began filming as the Mopar muscle car burned. Due to the time constraints of Instagram, we only see a short portion of the video, but the pictures below tell the end of the story.

The Aftermath

As you can see in these images, the Demon is pretty much destroyed. The entire front end of the car is burned, as is the majority of the interior. The car is most certainly a total loss, as the OP points out that “she’s cooked like a well done steak”.

Regardless of what happened to cause the fire, it doesn’t appear as though anything was done to try to put the fire out prior to recording the video. That would lead us to believe that they did not have a fire extinguisher in their Demon, and that brings us to a sort of public service announcement from your friends at DodgeForum.

Folks, a Kidde fire extinguisher designed specifically for automotive use costs $19.99 online. You might pay $24.99 at your local parts store. At that price, there is no reason that you shouldn’t keep one in your vehicle, whether you drive a $90,000 2018 Dodge Demon or a $1,500 Dodge Ram D150.

In the long run, the important part of this story is that no one was injured in the fire, as cars are replaceable while people are not. Of course, this car will be a bit harder to replace since it was a one-year model with production being limited in the US to just 3,000 units, but we would hope that the car was properly insured.

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