Travis Pastrana tears it up in the 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye in a new TV spot

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The folks at Chrysler have once again put together a fun new
TV commercial for the 2013 Dodge Dart with the pulse pumping background music
from Kanye West/Jay-Z’s “Watch the throne”. 
Following in the tradition of the Dart ads with titles like How to
Change Cars Forever and How to Make the Most Hi-Tech Car, this newest spot
featuring rally racer Travis Pastrana is named “How to Test Your Car for Fun”.

This video explains that you test your car for fun by first start
with an all new award winning car (which happens to be a white 2013 Dodge Dart
Rallye) followed by finding the most hardcore driver in America (who happens to
be one Mr. Travis Pastrana).  Pastrana is
introduced between a pair of top fuel dragsters doing massive smokey burnouts
which is ironic, considering that drag racing is the one form of racing that Pastrana
has not tackled professionally.

From there, the last 20 seconds of this new Dodge Dart
commercial shows Travis Pastrana doing what he does best – tearing around a
dirt road in the 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye. 
In the background, deep voice guy continues talking about the various
traits of the new Dart like the European chassis, the 6-speed manual
transmission, dual exhaust and a wide stance before prompting Travis to floor
it, drift it, punch it and – best of all- jump it.  Unfortunately, the jump (shown in the still
above) pauses with the Dart Rally hanging in mid air but with the magic of TV –
we can assume that Travis landed the Dart just like he does in the world of
Global RallyCross.  (The image below
actually shows Bryce Menzies jumping the Dart race car at the Global RallyCross
finals while he was filling in for Travis Pastrana due to a shoulder surgery.)

dart menzies jump.jpg

The video ends with Pastrana proclaiming that he is happy
with the 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye while deep voice guy explains that those steps
are how to test for fun.  It sure looks
like fun to me – although I don’t expect that many Dart owners will be driving
their turbocharged compact sedan quite like Mr. Pastrana.

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