Truckin Fast: Dodge Ram SRT10 RC Drifts Around a Roundabout

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Drifting can be tricky so even if you have a truck like the Dodge Ram SRT10 Regular Cab shown in this week’ Truckin Fast video, you should not try this at home and you definitely shouldn’t try doing this in a similar situation as the Ram shown in action below. Drifting can lead to all sorts of accidents and you wouldn’t want to put your Ram into those rocks – or into one of the many vehicles on this pubic roadway so seriously…don’t try this at home.

Just enjoy watching this guy do it.

As you can see, once the traffic has cleared for a second, the Dodge Ram SRT10 Regular Cab eases out into the roundabout and travels about a quarter of the way around the circle before letting the back end kick out. Once this Ram gets drifting, careful modulation of the throttle and the steering wheel allows him to keep the back wheels spinning and the rear end sliding. After making a full circle, the Ram shoots back up the road from whence it came and the cameraman seems to basically melt down into the weeds on the side of the road.

Based on the vehicles on the road, I am guessing that this Ram SRT10 is conducting drifting practice somewhere outside of the US – showing that the coolest performance truck in the US is also the coolest performance truck in the world.

Longtime auto journalist Patrick Rall contributes to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Rennlist, Club Lexus, F-150 Online, and YotaTech.

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