Truckin’ Fast Wednesdays: Cummins Destroys PowerStroke

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powerstroke killed by cummins 600

In the battle of the modern diesel powered pickups, the real contenders are the Ford PowerStroke and the Rams Cummins Turbo Diesel – and the video below shows one Ram warrior handing a sound beating to a vastly less modified Ford Super Duty.  In fact, the Ford in the video is so much slower that the person filming doesn’t bother to keep taping until the PowerStroke wanders across the line but we see that the big CTD Ram runs an impressive 13.08 at 100.69 miles per hour.

Now, Ford fans will be quick to point out that the 2nd gen Ram in this video is obviously built with a gigantic front mount intercooler and a stack setup while the Ford Super Duty is (hopefully) stock.  On top of that, it looks like the driver of the Cummins powered Ram knows a thing or two about how to make the most of all of that diesel power as he is spooled up and ready to rock before he eases into the staging beams.

In the long run, this video isnt so much about a Cummins Turbo Diesel slaughtering a stock or near stock PowerStroke but rather, it is another great display showing that the CTD is great for more than just towing and hauling.

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