Watch the Viper GTS-R Hit the Track

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SRT is gearing up to unleash the Viper at ALMS later this season, but first it’s got to be put through it’s paces. Luckily, they taped it’s first test run at the Carolina Motorsports park. 

Trust me. It sounds and looks as good as you think it does.

There’ll be plenty more tests before the Viper officially hits the track later this year. It’ll need them too, the GT field isn’t exactly easy. Team Viper team will have an amazing car, but they’ve also been away for a quite some time. BMW and Ferrari are both running competitive cars, but Corvette has been dominating for some time now. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Viper make those guys sweat a little bit.

Check out the video to see what the new Viper looks like on the track.

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