The Dodge Dart Rally Team struggles in Texas

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MO013_016DG.jpgTravis Pastrana and the Red Bull/Discount Tire Dodge Dart
rally car had hoped to have a better outing this past weekend than they had in the
first event of the season but even though Dodge fielded two cars for the Texas Hoon
Kaboom, the team had a worse weekend than they did earlier this year.

Travis Pastrana and his #199 Red Bull/Discount Tire Dodge
Dart took to the track for Heat 1 and while it wasn’t an awful race – it wasn’t
enough as he finished 3rd with the top two moving onto the final
race.  Pastrana was joined by new
teammate Felipe Albuquerque who piloted the #99 Red Bull/Discount Tire Dodge
Dart in Heat 3 after only 4 test laps.  Albuquerque
was running a strong second in his first outing in the new Dart rally car but
late in the race, he nearly lost control as he sped through the “car wash” –
dropping to third.  Like Pastrana, Albuquerque
would have to settle for the last chance qualifier (LCQ).

In the first LCQ, Travis Pastrana was running well and
leading the way when he took the large jump too big.  As the Dodge Dart slammed down and Pastrana
began to prepare the car for the hard hairpin turn – his shoulder separated and
he crashed into the tires.  His Dart
rally car was not affected but Pastrana was left unable to drive so he quickly
pulled his car off of the track.  Because
of this, he failed to qualify for the final race.  After the race, Pastrana apologized to his
team and his sponsors for being so fragile and promised that he will fix the
shoulder and be ready for the next race.

In the second LCQ, Felipe Albuquerque was turning in strong
laps when Subaru driver Bucky Lasek spun directly in front of him as they
approached the large jump.  Lasek went
off of the side of the jump ramp and Albuquerque stopped in time to avoid
colliding with the Impreza while, at the same time, the new driver found that
he didn’t have enough power to make the jump. 
Like Pastrana, Felipe Albuquerque did not qualify for the final race.

In the final race of the Texas Hoon Kaboom Global RallyCross
event, the Ford rally team continued its dominance of season with Marcus
Gronholm winning (again), Tanner Foust finishing second (again) and Brian
Deegan finishing third.

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