Why Trim the Tree When You Can Trim Your Ram?

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2012-Mossy-Oak-side.jpgRam brand announces new Mossy Oak 1500, more Power Wagon trimlines
by Patrick Rall

Chrysler’s Ram Truck brand recently announced that the 2012 Ram lineup will get a few additions in the form of a new branded partnership with Mossy Oak along with two new trimlines for the mighty Ram 2500 Power Wagon.  Chrysler expects that the new limited edition Mossy Oak package will help to attract more enthusiasts who are into hunting and fishing (a main target market for the Ram brand) while the new Power Wagon trimlines will make the most capable heavy duty truck on the market more enticing to a broader audience.

First, Ram introduces the new Ram 1500 Mossy Oak limited edition models
through a brand partnership with the maker of America’s bestselling
among outdoorsmen.  Ram has found that 30% of their owners
are hunters while 44% are fisherman, so they have based the Mossy Oak
edition Ram 1500 on the Ram Outdoorsman with the Crew Cab and 5’7″ bed –
along with the innovative RamBox storage system that is designed
specifically for firearms and fishing equipment. 

2012-Mossy-Oak-door.jpgThis package includes
the distinctive Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity camo pattern across the top
of the bedsides and tailgate with the Breakup Infinity pattern echoed
throughout the interior. The Mossy Oak logo is found on the rear
quarter panels on the outside and embroidered on the unique headrests. 
These are arriving in dealerships now, with a
starting price of $39,910.

2012-Mossy-Oak-int.jpgThe bigger news for the 2012 Ram Truck brand is the addition of two new
packages to the Ram 2500 Power Wagon in the form of the ST and Laramie. 
The Ram 2500 Power Wagon has become one of the most awarded trucks on
the American market, including the 2011 Pickup Truck of the Year awarded recently by Four Wheeler Magazine. The Power Wagon already sports features that other companies do not offer at
all, like the electronic locking front and rear differentials and the
disconnecting sway bar design, which help to make this one of the most
capable trucks on today’s market. 

The main complaint with the awesome
Power Wagon was that it was only offered in the SLT trimline so there
was very little room for customization or price adjustments. But for the
2012 model year, the Power Wagon will feature a cost effective ST
package and a range-topping Laramie package.

The 2012 Ram 2500 Power Wagon ST is mechanically identical to the
previous Power Wagon, but on the outside, the Power Wagon ST does away
with the chrome and black trim is found in its place. Also, the interior
of the new entry level Power Wagon is the same as the standard Ram 1500
ST with the exception of the Power Wagon specific control features. 
The Power Wagon ST carries a price of $42,620 – about $4,000 less than
the standard Power Wagon SLT.

2012-Power-Wagon-Laramie.jpgThe 2012 Power Wagon Laramie adds a touch of luxury to the unstoppable
Power Wagon, adding leather seats, a premium sound system, dual zone AC,
and wood grain trim so those who want a truck that can go anywhere and
do anything can do so in style.  On the outside, the Power Wagon Laramie
is very similar to the SLT with the exception of body colored wheel
flares.  Like the Power Wagon ST, the Laramie models are
available in December and this top of the line model will carry a price
of $51,995 – or about $5,000 more than the traditional Power Wagon.

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