Worlds Fastest Naturally Aspirated SRT8 Jeep Goes 10.57 in the quarter

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The Jeep might not be a Dodge in name, but it does have a Mopar heart beating underneath all that sheet metal. It’s also not a car you’d normally expect to see at a drag strip, but this one is a little different. And by different, we mean that it is ludicrously fast.

People like to talk about sleepers, and how a busted looking car can suddenly show-up and lay waste to the smug and the proud. This is exactly the kind of vehicle that’ll do that. No one expects and SUV to lay down a fast pass. To run a 10.57? All-motor? That’s just unbelievable. It’s not wonder then that this is the fastest all-motor SRT8 Jeep in the world.
The best part? They’re working on adding nitrous. 

Fastest non-turbo Jeep we’ve seen. Tell us what you think in the forums!

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