WWE’s Goldberg Torches Hoonigan Burnyard with 960-WHP Demon

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More than 2,000 HP of Mopar goodness shows up at Hoonigan’s Irwindale playground for a hell of a good time.

Our friends over at the Hoonigan Garage are always up to some shenanigans. So much so, they release a daily video about what exactly they do on almost every given day of the week. Seeing as the channel and brand has amassed nearly three million subscribers on YouTube, you best believe they have some special guests. Even some that you might not know were car enthusiasts. During this episode, the guest is none other than WCW and WWE champion and wrestling icon, Goldberg. At a stout 52 years old, Goldberg still looks like he could jackknife powerbomb any of us if he really wanted to.

Unfortunately, Goldberg isn’t with the Hoonigan Crew for that particular reason, but rather to unveil his new custom-build Dodge Challenger that he’s been waiting for since SEMA. Seeing how bad-ass this Challenger is, we can’t say we are at all disappointed. Let’s explain some details about the build.

goldberg speedkore challenger

Here’s what we know: the car was built by the SpeedKore Performance, a specialist in American custom builds. One other thing you should know about SpeedKore is they also specialize in manufacturing carbon-fiber and this car features just about as much carbon-fiber as a Pagani. This includes a carbon-fiber front bumper, fenders, splitter, hood, rear bumper, trunk spoiler, rear diffuser, and trunk. That’s just in exterior mods, holy smokes. Gracing the presence of this Challenger’s aggressive body lines is a set of equally vicious, no corners cut, HRE three-piece custom wheels rocking 315-section width tires. We are just getting started.

goldberg speedkore challenger

We learn that SpeedKore offers a Hellcat widebody or Demon conversion kit, changing any narrow body Challenger into something quite as crazy as this. In the power department, the engine has a small pulley for more power, equal length long tube headers, a carbon fiber cold air-intake, bigger injectors and a tune, making a healthy 960 wheel HP. That’s just about 200 HP over a stock Demon. As if this wasn’t enough, Goldberg is still excited to bring the car to Sparco to get some carbon-fiber seats put in and a hydraulic handbrake. We were dumbfounded by how clean this build is, but we couldn’t be more excited to see this thing potentially pull some insane drift entries.

1,200 HP speedkore challenger

Speedkore also happens to have brought out there 1,200-HP whipple Demon and Goldberg happily throws some donuts and massive burnouts in that car. We are pretty sure there has never been a better time to enjoy American muscle quite as much as today.

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