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Cost of heater core replacement

Old 12-04-2008, 12:14 AM
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Default Cost of heater core replacement

What costs am I looking at to replace the heater core in my 2000 Dodge Durango with the 5.7L motor? First, to have it done by a shop....or stealership? Second, is this something I can tackle myself and do I want to? I'm very mechanically inclined but don't have alot of extra time on my hands. Is it a very complex operation?
Thanks in advance.
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its something that you CAN do yourself if you have the time/patience, but probably DO NOT want to. There are a couple of DIYs on this site for it, took some people an entire weekend to complete the project, and some just took a few hours to a day. sorry i cant help w/ prices but i have heard that replacing them w/ an OE part is better than buying from an aftermarket parts store bc of the materials used last longer in the factory core, not sure which metal is used by the factory.
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well i'd quote ya $1,100 to do it with the 5.7, but since you have a 5.9 i will say the cost would be from $300 too $700... its not a simple task and can take the whole day, it includes draining the ac,coolant, etc etc. Honestly if i was quoted for the new core/vap/etc for the replacement and everything was under $800. i'd pay it... Just puts the blame on them if anything goes wrong (and ya dont have to deal with the ac and coolant. I cheated, i removed my ac completely
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Originally Posted by Duranged408 View Post
Honestly if i was quoted for the new core/vap/etc for
Yeah, don't forget to replace the evap core while you're in there.

I would also probably just bite the bullet and at least get the parts from the dealer even if you don't have them do the job. I'd hate to skimp out on parts (auto zone, advance, etc) only to have the new heater core crap out in a short time and have to do it all again.

I recently priced the heater core and evap core at the dealership. Iirc, it was about $150 for each.

I also just priced the labor and had a shop tell me they would do it for around $400-$450.
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