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Who has done the TBI to carb conversion on a 88 model or similar??


Old 04-02-2005, 11:55 PM
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Default Who has done the TBI to carb conversion on a 88 model or similar??

This is all I have done trying to get this truck to run even a little better!!!! New double roller timing chain and gears, new distributor, new dual exhaust with glasspacks and without converters, (we don't have emmission testing here), all sensors has been replaced, rebuilt throttle body, new PCM, new vacuum hoses, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil, EGR valve, I have ran a compression test with 140-150 lbs per cylinder. I have ran 2 cans of mopar combustion chamber cleaner thru it and a can of BG 44K power enhancer. Double checked the throttle cable to make sure it is opening all the way. I have closely monitored the air pressure in the tires and replaced the clutch fan with a thermostatically controlled electric fan that rarely comes on. New fuel filter. It idles as smooth as butter and it is not showing any codes. I have checked it up and down for vacuum leaks or intake leaks and then I had my brother look it over also. I think it is anemic on power still and the 9-10 MPG is intolerable. I am about ready to burn it!! After torching it I may consider trying going back to a carb. I can rob all the parts I need off my 85 Dodge van, it has a rebuilt carb that is about a year old. What all is involved, do they make an adapter plate for TBI to carb or do you have to change the intake manifold? I guess you have to change the distributor also and I guess I would need the brains from the 85 also huh? Are their websites that give specific instructions on conversion? This will not be a daily driver anymore due to gas prices so a carb does not bother me. I need the power to pull my camper now and then. The way it is, if their is any wind it does well to pull itself. I really am ready to give up on the TBI and go to a carburetor. I am thru messing with it. It has to be within the computer system etc. It is the first year that PCM's were used on the trucks. Has anyone else done TBI to Carb conversion?


1988 W-150 4X4 TBI 5.2 Liter Automatic 108,000 miles
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Old 04-04-2005, 12:24 AM
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Default RE: Who has done the TBI to carb conversion on a 88 model or similar??

88 dakota
ECM controlled carb
5 SP

Now 95 5.2 with a M1 intake and carb replacing port injected barrel intake.
Used distribitor and ignition box from 74. You can get a kit from mopar dealers.
24 mile to an imp gallon,But then I do baby it
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Old 04-15-2005, 09:49 PM
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Default RE: Who has done the TBI to carb conversion on a 88 model or similar??

My Buddy did one on a 318 ramcharger, He used a 340 intake with a eddy 650, you need a fuel pressure regulator but I would suggest to drop the tank pull the stock pump run a line to the bottom and put on a inline fuel pump but not a holly blue, they are garbage, get a cheapy they are fine. My buddy used a full MSD set up I perfer a orange box set up myself.

Keep it simple.......and you will be fine

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Old 05-06-2005, 09:27 PM
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Default RE: Who has done the TBI to carb conversion on a 88 model or similar??

I had a 1988 W150 4spd, hubs with TBI. When it ran, it ran GREAT and got 15-17 MPG on the freeway if you kept it below 60. After a year though the engine would die without notice and only start whenever it felt like it. Occasionally if I wiggled the engine harness it would restart for maybe a week or 3 minutes. I never did find the problem and I even changed out the wiring harness, sensors, "brain", relays, coil, distributor, connectors, rebuilt TBI assembly. I finally put a carb on it then sold it. I then bought a 1986 D150, 318 2BBL, 4spd, plenty of torque and power.
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Old 05-09-2005, 11:42 AM
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Default RE: Who has done the TBI to carb conversion on a 88 model or similar??

i have a 89 d100 (200,000 miles) that i recently converted to a 4 barrel carb. my tbi was stalling really bad, i couldn't even stop at a red light without it stalling out. had it rebuilt 2 times with no luck, then decided that i would tackle the carb job. i was getting about 9 mpg with the tbi, which i figured i cant go much worse with no power. the only thing i didn't take into effect was the fuel pump pumping for fuel injection. the linkage was another pain in the butt, getting that just right. i put on a edelbrock performer intake w/a 600 electric choke. make sure you map your vacuum on this.

i didn't gain alot of power, did gain a bit better gas mileage out of it. use a high end fuel regulator on it with a return line, i used a malory regulator.

no more stalling, haven't gotten it tuned all that well yet, but im getting ready to do a complete tear down, and a high end head job. going to try and pull around 350 to 400 horsies out of this lame and tame motor.

good luck on yours
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Old 06-07-2005, 07:36 PM
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Default RE: Who has done the TBI to carb conversion on a 88 model or similar??

I am thinking about doing this same thing with my 88 dodge ram, and what i am most likely going to do is pull everything computer controlled and start from scratch so that i dont have to worry about it. I will have quite a few extra wires, but i will change out the wire harness to one from an older truck eventualy, or i might just make my own. I havent decided yet.
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