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09 Ram Hemi Mufflex dual out install by 94rt10ohio

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Default 09 Ram Hemi Mufflex dual out install by 94rt10ohio

Parts, Mufflex dual out 14 series kit, less that $260 shipped from EBay

Tools used
15mm deep socket
1/2" ratchet
Air impact (optional but makes putting on much easier)
Flat screw driver
Rags/Masking tape
WD-40 and PB Blaster

(I am working off memory, but it was fairly easy).

Start by spraying PB Blaster on the three joints where the in pipe and two out pipes connect to the muffler. Then spray WD-40 on the two hangers (towards the rear of the muffler), only hit the part of the hanger where the muffler is, not where the hanger attaches to the frame.

Now loosen the three clamps holding the pipes to the muffler. I had to use the ratchet on the rear two due to how the clamps were positioned at the factory, no room for the impact.

Now that you have the clamps loose you want to break the tail pipes free of the muffler. However, before doing this take two rags and wrap them around the tips to prevent damage to the tips or bumper. I started off by pushing up and down on the muffler a little, trying to work the pipes loose some from the muffler. I then went to the back of the truck and moved the tail pipes (while holding the tip) up and down and pulling at the same time. This was very effective. Both pipes came clean of the muffler in minutes. Keep in mind my truck only had 1000 miles on it, the more miles the harder this step will be.

Now that the tail pipes are removed look up near the hanger at the rear of the muffler. You will notice what appears to be a ground wire attached to one of the hangers and the other end to the muffler, remove from the muffler (just need your hands for this step).

Now work the muffler loose from the front pipe. Again, I used up and down motion while pulling, this was very easy.

The last thing is to remove the muffler from the hanger. This is where I used the flat screw driver, inserting it into the hanger hole which the muffler was on and threw, then a little pry. This got the "tit" of the muffler hanger through the hanger hole. This is the best I can describe this step. Leave the rubber hanger attached to the truck, that is re-used.

Now take the new rear hanger and make sure it slips onto the muffler, I had to adjust my hanger ever so slightly (gave it a little squeeze). Once the hanger fits the muffler take it off the muffler and insert the new hanger into the rubber hangers on the truck. The hanger will enter the holes from the rear and slide in forward. The hanger that hangs lower is to the outside, higher hanger to the inside (see pic I post later).

Now take the muffler and slide onto the front pipe. Do not forget to put the clamp on first and make it so the nut is easily reachable, do not tighten yet.

Slide the rear of the muffler into the rear hanger, then the tailpipes into the muffler, still do not tighten anything yet, although you can snug the rear clamps, but you still need some movement. To get it to line all up the system will be tilted some, I will post a pic later.

Now go to the rear of the truck, get the tips aligned to your liking. Once this is done tighten the rear clamps, check alignment again. If all is well tighten the front clamp. Note.... Before you tighten your rear clamps make sure the clamps are at the edge of the pipe on the muffler, I will point this out in pics I post tomorrow with my finger. Doing this will help to avoid bad leaks as it allows the clamp to squeeze the muffler onto the pipe better. Re-attach that ground wire to the new hanger.

Finish to end, less than an hour.

Video clip, as noted, pics to come tomorrow.



Attached Thumbnails 09 Ram Hemi Mufflex dual out install by 94rt10ohio-052809.1.jpg   09 Ram Hemi Mufflex dual out install by 94rt10ohio-052809.2.jpg   09 Ram Hemi Mufflex dual out install by 94rt10ohio-052809.3.jpg  

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