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P 1004 code


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Originally Posted by savage_46 View Post
honestly, its nothing to worry about right now. for the most part, the new 5.7 is the same as the old one, therefore should be just as reliable. the 1004 code is mainly caused by the harness for the short runner valve not being long enough or not routed right. my potential "oil leak" is no big deal to me (thanks to lifetime warranty). i talked to one of our engine guys yesterday, hes never done a 5.7 rear main. he said mine might be anarobic sealant used at the factory, and it could be leaking/being slung out.
Except for the camshaft phaser and intake manifold.
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thats why i said "for the most part...". in other words--pretty much the same.
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Got this tonight. Is the truck safe to be driven? Its a long weekend and being truckless will kill me. I hope im not waiting on parts! they better give me a rental.
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Old 10-11-2009, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Mattones View Post
Got this tonight. Is the truck safe to be driven? Its a long weekend and being truckless will kill me. I hope im not waiting on parts! they better give me a rental.
Your truck is in a limp mode right now. You can drive it but it wont have much power off the line. Take it in ASAP and have it fixed. I drove mine about 500 miles before I took it in. How did you read the code?
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Never fails, it's always when you need the truck,not when its sitting in the driveway for 3 days.
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Originally Posted by savage_46 View Post
no drips--yet. both sides of the block are a little damp. nothing to really worry about right now. i checked underneath when our oil guy did my oil change. thats when i found it, kinda pissed me off. now that i know about it, im gonna keep an eye on it. if i see the slightest drip forming, ill put in some dye.

2009 MY 5.7 VVT only. its in dodge service info that us employees have access to. i check for new TSB's, RRT's, and recalls regularly for the 09s
Can you add all the TSB's, RRT's and Recall info you have access to for the 09's to the TSB/RRT thread fro reference by all owners on here?
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My truck only had 400 miles on it when the check engine light came on the first time. When I took it to the dealer the engine light had reset itself and was told that I should be fine now and the part was ordered. A couple of days later it came on again, but after several start/stop ignition cycles it would go out. I figured out that whenever I get on the gas it would come on.

A month later I called to see if the part had shown up and I was told that they had no fix for the problem - Dodge did finally replace the valve, four months later, but now my truck doesn't make the booming intake sound it used to at 4000 rpm.
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