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[5th Gen : 08+]: Moving, Going to use a dodge need some info


Old 06-08-2014, 12:38 AM
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Question Moving, Going to use a dodge need some info

Ok so i posted this on a toyota site originally, not much help there, but the CONFIRMED reservation is going to be either a dodge grand caravan or a plymouth voyager

so any help relating to this info would be great


Hello there

I am moving from california to Phoenix next week, I travel very light so I am just going to rent a car to make the drive. I got a really god deal thanks to a friend who works at the company. I am only taking a few small things and dont think i need anything to big, however one thing i am taking that is of considerable size is my electric scooter, I am posting a link to the specs on the companys site and to a forum where i posted lots of pics of it. I cant leave it behind i bought it cheap while here and rehabbed it and would feel awful leaving it here to rot.

I am trying to get a Toyota RAV4 to make the 900 mile drive, the car company doesnt think everything will fit in the rav4 and is trying to get me to upgrade to a higher class luxury vehicle

I am hoping some real live toyota owners can shed some light on the truth of this matter,

I am taking

1 office desk (briken down into pieces longest piece is 31" long by 23" wide (all pieces will lay flat)
1 office chair (also broken down to pieces) biggest piece 21" by 19"
two suitcases and 1 box,
two laptops , one in case
box of misc electronics stuff

now the big stuff

I am transporting the scooter of course, i will remove one pedal off of one side and lay it flat in the rear cargo area, i will remove its tiny trunk and bracket that attaches to the scooter rear. there is no oil and gas since it is all electric

Also i am transporting one mountain bike 26" mens, i will take the seat and both tires off of that as well

any help at all ASAP would be great, i suspect they will give me a 2013-2014 model probably no older

the links to the scooter showing factory specs are


and the forum where you can see tons of pics for this machine i rebuilt are at


Any thoughts?
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Old 06-09-2014, 01:00 PM
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I have a stupid question: Are you asking if you think this will all fit in a Caravan? What model year are we talking here, as the Plymouth Voyager badging was discontinued around 2001.

If the van is 2007 or older then you would need to figure out how you're going to get the 2nd and 3rd row seats back into the van when you return it. If it's 2008 or newer you need to factor in whether it has a Stow-N-Go 2nd row (most do but some including mine don't). If it has the bench 2nd row then you will have the same problem of replacing the seats when you return it.

Now that that's out of the way the general rule of thumb is that for long wheelbase minivans you can fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood on the floor behind the front row of seats. The area widens by a few inches near the beltline, once you get above the wheel wells. I've found that in many vans and SUVs with upward-opening liftgates, the limiting factor isn't the size of the vehicle's cargo area but the size of the rear hatch opening. The Grand Caravan is no exception. I've been foiled more than once by the hatch opening.

One thing to consider with your scooter is whether you can safely lay it on its side without leaking battery acid. There should be a warning on the battery itself or in the owner's manual as to whether this is advisable.

I hope that helps.
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Old 06-09-2014, 08:55 PM
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very good info

i have been told the van has all seats that go into the floor, leaving a big cargo area in the back, the scooter does not "leak" acid, it has AGM gel packs that dont have acid cells like normal car batterys, it will be placed on its side so it does not fall over, the measurements of the scooter on its side are 68" long BY 40" high with the mirrors off

the mountain bike frame once the wheels are off can be placed anywhere inside that measures 48 Long by 28 High,

my plan is to put the desk pieces flush against some egg crate against the back driver seat area, push the scooter in lay it don, then put the mountain bike in next to it

i can put my suitcases and boxes all around this stuff with no issue i would think

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