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Ball Joint Replacement on 2000 Grand Caravan


Old 05-30-2006, 04:07 PM
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Default Ball Joint Replacement on 2000 Grand Caravan

Anyone ever replace the lower ball joints on a Grand Caravan? How difficult is this job and are there any things to be aware of before starting the job?

I believe that the joints are the press in type for this van. Has anyone done it using the loaner ball joint press such as what Autozone carries and if so, did this tool do the job? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Old 05-30-2006, 06:11 PM
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Default RE: Ball Joint Replacement on 2000 Grand Caravan

Hi, Ball joints are not that hard to do. Remove the retaining bolt and pry lower control arm holding ball joint off (a 30-36" pry bar is recomended) and swing strut/hub assembly to the side. Find and remove the reaining clip around old ball joint. If a sharp hit on top of the old ball with a hammer joint doesnt get it out, then a press will definately help. I have an OTC ball joint press, i don't know what the rental styles are like, but I'm assuming they are a c-clamp style and will work fine. Press it out and put new one in. I've had 50/50 where I can slide new one in by hand or have to press new one in. Make sure when you put control arm back on strut/hub assembly that groove in bolt is facing front so retaining bolt will go back through ( it really stinks to have to pry it back off to rotate it). Don't forget to put in the grease zirk and grease it up when you're done. First time will probably take about 45 minutes. This was one of the first mechanical things I did alone and did it fine so don't worry, just do it and have fun.
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Old 05-31-2006, 04:13 AM
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Default RE: Ball Joint Replacement on 2000 Grand Caravan

I am wondering whose ball joints to use. Should I go with the $tealer, Moog, TRW, or someone else? Good tip about the Zerk's floorslayer1. I would add that synthetic grease is far superior to dino grease and is what's used in non-greaseable ball joints by their manufacturer. Also...over filling with grease may burst the boot, which will lead to joint failure. Don't ask me how I know![:@]
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Old 02-05-2012, 12:21 AM
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This is definitely doable. You can do it with the ball joint press from Autozone, and you don't have to take the whole swing arm off either. You do need to take off the rotor, and pull the strut towards the rear a bit. I tied a piece of rope to the rear door handle to hold it back. You also have to be able to lift the van up enough to get the press in to position.

Pickle fork type separator and prying to get it apart. On the factory ball I had to cut away the rubber boot to get to the retaining ring, but it's there. Get under it with a screwdriver, or chisel and hammer (not hard, just easy), then pry it off. The inner CV popped out on me also. Just line it up and tap it back in. If this happens you start leaking ATF, so check the level afterward.
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