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Electrical: "Ignition off draw" problem


Old 03-21-2007, 05:19 AM
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Default Electrical: "Ignition off draw" problem

Hi all,

This is related to a 95 Caravan 3.3 liter. The battery is suffering from a current leak when engine and all accessoriesare off. I think it is referred to an ignition-off current draw. I measured it by disconnecting the negative post and placing a meter between the post and the negative cable. I read 0.3 to 0.4 Amp. When I remove the fuse that is actually protecting a circuit with the same name (Ignition off draw) the current drops to 0.
Does anyone know what that IOD circuit is all about and how I can correct the leak?
Note: The battery make is Interstate. It is about 3 year old.
Thanks for the help


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Old 03-22-2007, 04:47 AM
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Default RE: Electrical: "Ignition off draw" problem

all u did when u pulled the fuse was disconnect the ckt from what ever was drawing the power.I dont have online access to all the stuff that is on the IOD ckt or i would post it to u so u can unplug each item and see where the draw is comming from. I will tell u this nething that has to do with the iod fuse will have keep alive memory stuff like the radio or ne clock that needs power even when the car is off. Some lights as well use the IOD. Look at the back of the fuse box and see what color wire is comming out of it for the iod and u will know what wire u are looking for. U dont have an amp meter that goes down to miliamps do ya? that would be better to fig out what is really drawing what power. humm one other thing not sure but not implying that u may not know how to check for a draw correctly. I will tell ya, first get the amp meter disconnect the - battery post dont place the amp meter inline with the batt just yet U will nuke the 10amp built in fuse unless u have an expensive one that have auto ranging and can handle the load. Have a test light with u as well or something else that can handle 15 or more amps. What u want to do is keep the connection with the car because once u disconnect the battery the draw will more then likely go away if it's a computer or something like that. Keep connection with the car then wait 4 min for the computers to go asleep and the bus to power down once the test light is out use the amp meter still inline to the batt and check it then the max chrysler wants to be pulled is 35 miliamps any more and u will have a dead battery faster then norm like 60 or 80 miliamps.[/align]
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