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Used Car Dealer Put 5w-30 in my dart?

Old 02-08-2017, 11:04 AM
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Default Used Car Dealer Put 5w-30 in my dart?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Just yesterday I purchased a used 2014 Dodge Dart Rallye with a 2.4l multiair engine from a small town used car dealer. The gentlemen said they just changed the oil(oil life 100% on dash). He said they used a full synthetic 5w-30 with dextros. Should I change this oil as soon as possible to 0w-20 full synthetic as recommended in the manual?

- Thanks for the help.
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Old 02-08-2017, 11:22 AM
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Part of the advantage of a 0W oil is that at cold start the oil will flow better to tighter tolerances. Cold start is where the most engine wear occurs (mostly because of no or low oil pressure, but also due to reduced cold temp flow). As the engine oil begins to warm up, it becomes thicker, and at normal operating temps, it is at it's thickest point. Using a 0W oil will get you the best lubrication at cold start because it will get into the tighter spaces in your engine and will pump better than a thicker oil when cold. I don't think it would really matter if you waited a few thousand miles, but thats up to you.
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