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P0455 code ... RATS!


Old 04-29-2006, 01:34 AM
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Default P0455 code ... RATS!

Well, I got the bummer of a code this past week. The dreaded P0455 code for the Evaporative Control Monitor. Basically the emissions sub-system. I'll need to take it to a very good garage or worse, a high labor rate local dealer at $90 per hour!!!

With the basic AutoZone free scan, the P0455 is all they can tell me. That type of scanner runs about $250. A more in detail scanner for $2k would find the trouble. [:@] If that doesn't work, then it's a hit or miss with the smoke leak detector machine. Oh thrills indeed. ---> NOT

I tried to tighten the gas cap. However, that didn't solve anything either.

Today, I spent 3 hours with the dog-house off and under the vehicle looking at hoses, connections, canisters, and the best I can at the fuel tank to no avail.

The Hayes manual gave an overview of the EVAP emission system. Nothing in true detail worth the while.

Anyone here with a 1999 or newer RAM VAN that has had the P0455 code pop up?

Here's some of the references I've found too.



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Old 05-22-2006, 12:32 AM
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Default RE: P0455 code ... RATS!

OK, here's a very WEIRD update on this topic.

After doing much of the on-off-on-off-on and getting the engine code of P0455, I did notice that if the van sat over time it would not start or was very hard starting. So, after the van sat for two days, I kept turning the key and the engine would diesel-like sputter and then stop. (I can't describe it any other way.) It would take about 20 mins to get the van to finally run.

Well, nearly two weeks of going out and starting the van every 12 hours like clock work to prevent this sputter problem, I had to go out of town for a few days. Coming back to start the van, I ran the old battery dead. So, I got a new one. The van sputtered for a good while and finally started. Every time I left the van unstarted for about a day, the sputtering problem returned. However, when I changed out the battery, the P0455 code went away. I would just get P-done displayed.

Finally, this past week, I had the jumper cables from the B1500 onto the new battery of the B2500 with this sputtering issue related to the P0455 code. I spent over 30 mins cranking and sputtering to no avail. My DW came out, turned off the B1500 and told me to stop wasting her gas. ! lol To make things even more troublesome it started to rain. I looked under the hood at that EVAP green cap to the right of the battery plate. That hose ran to a hard plastic tube up to the Throttle Body and under the air filter housing. Just for grins, I popped the rubber hose off of that line, jumped back into the van and turned the key. Guess what! it started and stayed running.

So, this EVAP emission thing really is wacky. As the engine was running with this hose line off, I went to check what the line was doing. The line from the TB was pulling a mightly amount of vaccum. I drove the van for about two blocks. The idle went from very bad to an OK I can deal with it. Of course, the funny little yellow engine light stayed on in the dash, but no codes would show up.

Here in New York state, we have vehicle safety and emission testing. I couldn't run the van like this. So, I put the hose back on and off to a good garage to find the P0455 problem (via a smoke/UV test) and solve the hard starting issue.

I got the van back this week. The garage ran a deep scan with a dealer level type of machine. The coil was bad. Nothing showed up on the EVAP at all. The van really purrs and the engine noise had really dropped greatly during idle and while running down the road. To test this out, I let the van sit over the weekend and it started right away with the first turn of the key.

As for the P0455 issue, it's gone. I'm not sure where it went. Did it correct itself when I pulled the hose from the line to blow something out? Did the new coil correct the problem due to proper electrical current? Was there another code deeper in the ECM that was making the van run bad? I'm not sure. I'm sure that the van runs like a vehicle now. It purrs better than when I bought it used!

So, the Ram Van saga continues ...

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Old 05-23-2006, 02:39 PM
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Default RE: P0455 code ... RATS!

Thanks Stev for the post. Good info. You're talking about the ignition coil, that feeds the spark plugs, right? If so, maybe it was short that would relieve itself when it warmed up / expanded.

Thanks again,
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Old 02-21-2012, 01:56 PM
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Question 2000 Dodge dakota sport evap code p0455?

Since the day this vehicle was bought their was the p0455 problem code. I worked one the engine everyday one hour to 6 hours and finally got the engine light to go out, now when i park vehicle on level ground it still takes 2 times to start and every other start it will sound like a Voltswagon bug then die or go to a complete idel. When I park with rear up in the air a bit it starts and sounds hella good with all its horse power. If i park with nose up forget it i have to roll down the hill to a level ground then it will start with ****ty horse power and no smiles on my face. This is with no engine light, I need help. Michele
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