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need help with this code P1491 dodge dur.2000


Old 06-20-2006, 02:39 AM
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Default need help with this code P1491 dodge dur.2000

P1491 Rad Fan Control Relay Circuit An open or shorted condition detected
in the radiator fan control relay circuit.This includes PWM solid state

im still getting this message.
my radiator fan its not starting. i replace the fan relay and its still not starting
i check the fan and its working
so i trace the cable thats go to the computer and split the cable and ground it and now have the fan runing when i start the ignition but i would like to haave it the way its supose to work.
Let me know if this "This includes PWM solid state relays " is another separate relay for the fan and where is located.
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Old 06-28-2006, 12:37 AM
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Default RE: need help with this code P1491 dodge dur.2000

i cant read.
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Old 09-19-2012, 10:46 PM
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Default Need diagnostic for 2000 dodge durango code P1941 and possble pCM failure

It all started when i noticed the engine light then got the code P1491

In my case, I thought maybe the fan relay failed (burnt). 2000 Dodge Durango. Or Maybe the PCM was also damaged and required replacement, .

. We tested the fan by supplying power directly to the fan and it runs fine.

We had to remove a cover (easy to remove) under the vehicle near the fan to gain access to the connector
!. Check engine light came on Fan relay circuit code 1491 noticed the Rad fan not spinning tested it It worked.
2 .put new relay in still failed
3 Thernshade tree guy hotwired fan
4 hotwire heated up and caught insulation on fire (smoldering underhood)
5 ripped out fan hot wire drove home poor ac afterwards\
6 Later began running rough stalling and no ac
7 Took to autozone codes read 02 sensor on bank 1
8 Bought and installed new relay reset codes then still ran rough but didn’t stall out still no AC
9 Re-checked for new codes none other than 1491 rad fan circuit Could NOT get it to show o-2 relays failing again

10 Bought and installed new PCM it got worse
No ac kicking in but blower blew hot air ,Car ran rough, trans wouldn’t shift correctly< stalled out and even later shut down and wouldnt start up

I ordered and replaced the PCM and got even worse results in addition to the
p1491 radiator fan relay circuit

It seemed to correct itself on the way to auto zone but also pulled up new codes so I cleared them out( of the scanner) thinking maybe it ( the PCM) needed and did itself a reset of sorts

2 I got these codes below )soon after the truck shut down) and wouldn’t even start . I used the key on off method to attempt to reset the PCm and the odometer code said” no Bus”

P0443 EVAP Purge Solenoid Circuit Malfunction Checked my gas cap make sure that it is on tight, or just replace roughly 7 dollars.

P0753 3-4 Solenoid/Transmission Relay Circuit Malfunction - compartment.

P01753 is my transmission lockup solenoid really bad.? or was it the new( reman) PCM ?

I then while at road side disconnected the battery terminals then unplugged the PCM and replugged em back in ( The truck Started but Trans still wouldn’t shift out of 3-4 th gear)

Then it started up ran about a mile home and

So I re-installed the old PCM and it seeminly solved all the new tranny,shut down, rough running and without setting off new codes

Leaving ONLY The P1491 Fan Relay Circuit and Fan still not working

And the air was seemingly somewhat working again even when at lower speeds yet and I could now feel the ac compressor kicking on/ Before it wasnt

ANy Ideas?
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