Mopar Dodge Ram Bianco is the most practical vehicle of this first
    batch of teasers, and this concept began its life as a 2009 Dodge Ram
    1500 Sport quad cab powered by a 5.7L Hemi.  The goal of the Mopar
    designers was to emphasize luxury and high class, shown by the included
    artist’s rendering.  A hard tonneau cover, Mopar body kit, Mopar fender
    flares, and Mopar 22-inch wheels help this Arctic Ice pearl Ram stand
    out in a crowd, and a Mopar cold air intake and dual exhaust system
    give the Ram a little more bark and bite.  Inside, the luxury feel is
    obvious with white and black Kaztkin leather seats and a matching color
    theme is echoed throughout the interior.  This vehicle doesn’t offer
    any ridiculous modifications to prevent it from seeing production, and
    this could make for a great competitor to Ford’s F150 Platinum.  I
    can’t wait to get a good look at this Ram at SEMA…and while there is
    only this one drawing right now, expect plenty of pictures of this cool
    new Ram concept.

    dodge ram bianco.jpg

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    From the Chrysler Group LLC statement:

    Mopar Dodge Ram Bianco Image Vehicle: A Stylish, Luxury Pickup Truck
    Dodge Ram Bianco started life as a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport with a
    5.7-liter HEMI V-8. The Dodge Ram is modified to reflect an upscale
    feel and appearance with the aid of Mopar performance parts and
    accessories. Colors, textures and accessories are combined in a manner
    that showcases the sophisticated side of the Dodge Ram 1500.
    modifications include a Mopar hard tonneau that adds a classic, sporty
    appearance. The inside of the truck bed features Mopar’s bed rug–a
    plush, yet washable carpet. For the exterior, a Mopar body kit and
    modified Mopar fender flares give a unique, sophisticated look. The
    stance is aided by a Ground Force lowering kit that not only lowers the
    vehicle, but also provides excellent ride and handling. The Dodge Ram
    Bianco is layered in several coats of Arctic Ice pearl paint that give
    it a rich appearance. Holding true to the upscale theme, Mopar’s
    22-inch wheels are painted in a matching, high-contrast design.
    Performance upgrades include a Mopar cold-air intake and a throaty
    Mopar dual exhaust with just enough growl to let you know there is
    something powerful under the hood.
    The exterior theme continues
    through the interior. White and black Katzkin seats with matching door
    trim set the stage for a high-class ride. Piano Black and Arctic Ice
    accents add to the luxurious theme. For sound, Mopar contributed a
    Kicker audio system consisting of an audio amplifier, a powerful
    subwoofer and upgraded speakers.