Author: Bryan Wood

10 Green Dodge Cars and Trucks for St. Patrick’s Day

Ferraris are red, Porsches are silver… How about a gallery of green Dodge cars, trucks, and vans to celebrate the emerald isle’s favorite saint?

  Comments | By - March 17, 2017

Dodge Rampage, D50, Ram 50 and Power Ram 50 – The Littlest Ram Trucks

Today Ram makes some of the biggest, toughest trucks around, but at one time they sold excellent little trucks as well. Lets look back at the little Dodge and Ram trucks over the years.

  Comments | By - March 7, 2017

9 Facts about the Dodge Power Wagon

The Dodge Power Wagon says a lot with just 3 little words. These tough trucks are able to haul whatever you have that needs hauling, and they have the power to do it even where there are no roads. Let’s look at some of the trucks to carry the iconic name.

  Comments | By - February 7, 2017

5 Facts about the 1987-89 Dodge Raider SUV

We all know the Ramcharger and the Dakota, but do you remember this tough little Dodge 4×4 from the 1980s? Before Chrysler bought Jeep, they had a credible Wrangler competitor thanks to Mitsubishi. Read on and learn more about the Dodge Raider.

  Comments | By - January 27, 2017

8 Over the Top Diesel Stacks on Dodge/Ram Trucks

If you have a diesel truck it can be hard to resist the urge to mount up a nice set of stacks and live out the dreams you had as a kid watching Smoky and the Bandit. Here’s some interesting and over the top stacks we’ve found on Rams.

  Comments | By - January 18, 2017

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