BU012_060EV.jpgThe Chrysler Group was recently awarded an OBIE from the Outdoor
    Advertising Association for America for their advertising campaign featuring
    the Jeep Wrangler in cooperation with the makers of Call of Duty: Modern
    Warfare 3. 

    The OBIE was awarded specifically for the billboard portion
    of the campaign which also included an in-game appearance by the Jeep Wrangler
    along with more traditional print, broadcast and online digital advertising
    that showed the new Jeep sporting the Call of Duty MW3 logo on the road and
    away at war.  Also, the Chrysler Group
    introduced the Call of Duty MW3 Special Edition Jeep Wrangler with black wheels
    wrapped in off road tires, unique trim and a heavy duty Warn winch.

    These billboards were created by the advertising firm Global
    Hue and were located in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.  During the day, the billboards showed the
    Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Edition climbing over a large rock
    in a mountainous area of wilderness (shown above).  It is a pretty typical scene of a Trail Rated
    Jeep in action with the tagline “The toughest vehicle in the world” on one side
    and the Jeep/ Call of Duty logo on the other side. 

    However, once it gets dark, the image of the Jeep Wrangler
    appears to be seen through a night vision camera or goggles and rather than
    being out in the wilderness, the Wrangler is in a war-torn area climbing over a
    damage car (shown below).  Using special
    low voltage electroluminescent Light Tape lamps, this unique look gives the appearance
    of night vision and the tagline changes to “The toughest vehicle in the world.
    Any world.”