1000 HP 1975 Duster With A Blown 426 Hemi: Jay Leno’s Garage

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OK, so it’s not a Dodge, but it’s still a Mopar with a really good story. You’ll have to watch the episode of Jay Leno’s Garage for the full story, but the builder, Paul Annunziata donated it to Jay Leno’s Garage shortly before he passed away from lung cancer. He and Jay knew each other from their younger years working together at a dealer. Annunziata would go on to become an accomplished mechanic and one heckuva Gearhead. He fell in love with the Pro Stock cars of the 70s and built his own Motown Missle out of a 1975 Duster with an Ed Pink Racing built 426 Hemi force-fed by a giant blower. Sure, the 1000 HP is a jaw-dropper, but so is the fact Annunziata bought a brand new body from Plymouth and installed it over the original frame. Yes folks, Annunziata was that detail oriented!

Watch the feel-good story and enjoy this awesome car!

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