Huge Turnout at SoCal’s 13th Annual Spring Festival of LX

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Over 1,800 Dodge, Chrysler & MOPAR vehicles stole the spotlight at Auto Club Speedway, where Dodge brought 16 new concept colors.

Despite the threat of rain, last weekend, almost 2,000 Dodge Challengers, Chargers, Magnums and Chrysler 300s from all over the U.S. and Canada traveled to California to rally for one of the largest events based on a single vehicle platform, the 2018 Spring Festival of LX.

What originally started as a regional gathering between a few different online forum groups, Spring Fest has blossomed into an epic event with official support from Dodge and Chrysler, and featuring lots of family-friendly activities like thrill rides, new product reveals, a vendor midway, and more.

2018 Spring Festival of LX

Ever-growing attendance meant that a venue change was in order, leading to this year’s event taking place at the Auto Club Speedway, which is home to NASCAR’s Auto Club 400 race. Starting at 7 a.m. on March 10, the large parking lot began to fill with a plethora of custom vehicles featuring a range of tuning styles from mild to wild, and everything in between.

And while the cars are fun to explore and pore over, the real stars of the show are the people. These enthusiasts love to share their passion with anyone who will listen, and it’s turned into a valuable opportunity for Dodge to receive feedback and wishlist items for future vehicle designs.

For example, Mark Trostle, Head of Dodge and SRT Design at FCA (pictured), brought 16 never-before-seen concept colors to gauge the community’s interest in having them on future models. Attendees were encouraged to vote for their favorite colors, all of which also featured creative names like Shake N Bake, My Boy Blue, Wicked Witch, and Root Beer.

“The idea behind the color clinic is to find the next generation of heritage colors,” Trostle told Dodge Forum. “We currently have these historic colors, like B5 Blue and Plum Crazy, that resonate really well with our fans, but in 30 to 40 years, what will people be looking back on? I wanted to pay tribute to the color palette of the late ‘60s, early ‘70s, and make it feel like it came from that era — you’ll see a lot of straight shade colors with just a few metallics.”

And as a true car enthusiast himself, Trostle said he always returns to Michigan re-energized after experiencing the passion and creativity from the community.


‘The Challenger and Charger really stand out from their competitors, and we never want to lose that. We’ll do everything we can to retain that originality.’


“The design studio and I come to get inspired and connect with people,” added Trostle. “There are so many neat ideas! We get to hear things that maybe we didn’t think of, and we take them back and try to implement them into the next generation of cars.”

2018 Spring Festival of LX.

Yes, that’s a T/A with a Shaker Hood, painted in Fortuno’s Gold.

Speaking of new models, Dodge Forum would be remiss if we didn’t ask Trostle about the future of these beloved vehicles.

“I can’t give anything away,” laughed Trostle. “But I think the important thing is to respect our past, and respect the essence of our vehicles. The Challenger and Charger really stand out from their competitors, and we never want to lose that. We’ll do everything we can to retain that originality.”

After what felt like 10,000 steps, we finally concluded our tour of the 2018 Spring Festival of LX by paying a visit to the thrill-ride area, where guests had a chance to experience the performance and handling of an SRT Hellcat on an exciting drift course.

Keep scrolling for a gallery of highlights from the 13th annual Spring Festival of LX, and share your own photos on Dodge Forum.

Andrew Chen is a regular contributor to 6SpeedOnline and Dodge Forum.

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