Donut Media Raves About the Demon

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This loud, enthusiastic discussion portrays how many of us feel about the new Demon.

This video discussing the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon comes to us from the Donut Media YouTube channel and it features host James Pumphery talking about the 840-horsepower muscle car as part of their Up To Speed series. Technically, he is yelling about it more than talking as he runs through the facts of the Demon that make it so special. Not all of his facts are quite right, but we can all appreciate his enthusiasm for America’s first factory-built nine-second street car.

Drag Racing Introduction

The odds are good that if you are reading this, you already know all of the key details of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. If that is the case, you will likely find that this video is more of a beginner’s introduction on the 840-horsepower Mopar muscle car.

The host begins by explaining how drag racing works and he points out that no automaker had ever produced a purpose-built, street-legal car to dominate the drag strip – until the Demon arrived.

Demon Drag Racing Graphic

The host looks at the history of Dodge and Mopar in the world of drag racing, highlighting the early efforts that would eventually be the inspiration for the Demon.

Meet the Demon

Next, the host yells about the Demon’s engine, explaining how it differs from the Hellcat Hemi and emphasizing the horsepower by – you guessed it – yelling. He also makes a whole lot of mindless small talk between reciting the key aspects of the Demon, talking about trying to ride 840 actual horses.

He also talks about the unique styling cues, such as the huge hood scoop, the TransBrake and the weight reduction efforts. Of course, he does so by yelling about it.

Demon Burnout

He yells about the air conditioning system and how it cools the supercharger, which isn’t accurate. It cools the intercooler, but at least whoever wrote his script understands that the chiller system helps to cool the engine intake air. He also thinks that the tires are “basically slicks”, but anyone who knows slicks and drag radials knows that the Demon’s Nitto NT05R tires are far from slicks.

Demon Host Yelling Again

The host doesn’t drive the car, but the video is packed full of stock footage of the Demon lifting the front tires and storming down the track. Even with the confusion on some of the features, Donut Media’s enthusiasm over the 840-horsepower is understandable, so Mopar fans will appreciate the need to yell about the quickest and most powerful American production road car ever.

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