2005 Twin Turbo Dodge Ram Quad Cab SRT10 Manual Trans for sale

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2005 tt ram srt10 quad cab.jpgSome die hard go-fast fans might gripe about the fact that
the Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab only came with an automatic transmission, but this
brawny muscle truck on CollectorCarNation is an awesome display of Mopar performance
in pickup form. It might look like any
other Ram SRT10 Quad Cab from the picture above but anyone who tries to take
this Ram on head to head will get a surprising beat down.

The standard Viper V10 has been pulled in favor of a 522
cubic inch stroker motor with a forged bottom end that churns out a whopping
712 rear wheel horsepower. Twin ball bearing Turbonetics
turbochargers provide the boost while a front mount intercooler keeps things cool. The fuel system has been upgraded to handle
the additional need for fuel and a Magnaflow
performance exhaust system adds performance and sound. 

The seller mentions that with a standalone
ECU and stronger wastegate springs, the boost could be increased beyond beyond the 7-8 pounds of boost it’s pushing now. Finally, the owner removed the slushbox
automatic in favor of a Tick Performance Stage 2 6-speed mnual transmission
for some gear banging fun.

This ultra high performance 2005 Dodge Ram Quad Cab SRT10
has just 21,045 miles and carries a price tag of $50,000.  That is no small chunk of change, but
considering the level of modification and the collectability of the SRT10 Ram,
this price isn’t unrealistic.

There’s also the fact that this truck is pretty bad-ass…but how do you
put a price on that?  There is no mention
of drag radials but if you plan to really have fun with this truck – I would
recommend a good set of slicks.

Click here to head over to CollectorCarNation for a look at
this 700+ horsepower Ram SRT10 Quad Cab. 

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